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Saturday, October 18, 2014

The Code Busters Club - Giveaway

The Code Busters Club, Case #1: The Secret of the Skeleton Key
2011 Agatha Award Nominee

​​Cody’s odd neighbor, “Skeleton Man,” has always been a little strange. 

But when the Code Busters notice something mysterious going on at his house, they think he’s sending them a message about a ​hidden treasure. . . 

The Code Busters Club, Case #2: The Haunted Lighthouse
Winner of the 2012 Agatha Award

The Code Busters take a school trip to Alcatraz, the old prison that's supposedly haunted. When they find a coded message left by a jewel thief, it leads them on a hunt of stolen diamonds. Will they find the jewels before ​they're caught. . . 

The Code Busters Club, Case #3: The Mystery of the Pirate's Treasure
2014 Agatha Award Nominee
2014 Anthony Award Nominee

When the Code Busters visit the Carmel Mission on a field trip, they don't expect to meet a real pirate. But an old map leads to hidden treasure! Will they find it before two mysterious strangers beat them to it? 

The Code Busters Club, Case #4: The Mummy's Curse
On Sale: 10/14/2014

About Penny Warner

I’m Penny Warner, author of the Code Busters Club series, as well as about sixty other books. I love to write, especially for kids. I have a bunch of books published on having fun with kids—snacks to make, toys to create, games to play, birthdays to host—plus I write mysteries for adults. 

But the most fun I have is writing the Code Busters Club series, because I love codes! In fourth and fifth grade I learned how to Sign, tap Morse code, write in Pigpen code, and speak Pig Latin. I grew up reading Nancy Drew and even wrote a book about what I learned from her called THE OFFICIAL NANCY DREW HANDBOOK. So I thought it would be fun to write a mystery for kids filled with codes for readers to solve.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

BZRK - Giveaway


You’ve already crossed the line. You are in. In. and there is no out for either of you.’ Sadie McLure wants to find her family’s killers. Noah Cotton needs to know what drove his brother insane. Their search for answers will throw them into the astonishing world of the nano — where biots and nanobots battle for supremacy, and the twitchers who control it all fight to stay sane. It’s a fight for free choice. Every day could be their last. They’ve never felt more alive.

BZRK Reloaded

The first battle is over, but the war rages on. Sanity or madness? Truth or happiness? Love or survival? In the nano, you don’t get to decide. Noah and Sadie are now trained twitchers. They know how to wire a person’s brain from the inside, and how to get out alive. But they’re still reeling from their first encounter with the Armstrong Twins, and there’s no time for grief. As long as Bug Man has control of the US President’s mind, the future is on a knife-edge.

BZRK Apocalypse 
On Sale: 10/14/2014     

The members of BZRK are preparing for the final stand.

Noah and Sadie have seen death, and it holds no fear for them. Madness does, though. And losing each other.
But they will not sit back, the only witnesses to an invisible apocalypse. The world is being destroyed from the inside out. It’s time for them to fight to the last, in the streets and in the nano.
Join them.

About Michael Grant

Michael Grant has always been fast-paced. He’s lived in almost 50 different homes in 14 US states, and moved in with his wife, Katherine Applegate, after knowing her for less than 24 hours. His long list of previous occupations includes: law librarian, cartoonist, bowling alley mechanic, restaurant reviewer, waiter, documentary film producer and political media consultant.

Grant and Applegate have co-authored more than 100 books, including the massive hit series Animorphs. Grant went on to write The New York Times and international bestselling series, GONE. His BZRK series takes participants on a roller-coaster ride across print and digital venues. His latest series, MESSENGER OF FEAR, is a morality tale, though since it’s written by Michael, the morality may be quite muddy at times.

Sony and the creative team behind multi award-winning Breaking Bad optioned the TV rights for GONE in August 2013.

Michael, Katherine and their two children live in the San Francisco Bay Area, not far from Silicon Valley. He can be contacted via Twitter @MichaelGrantBks, and

It’s hard to come up with a tagline for such a man. We like ‘Michael Grant is the evil genius of YA fiction‘ but Michael came up with a couple of ideas of his own.

Friday, October 3, 2014

Whiny Whiny Rhino - Review and Giveaway

Book Synopsis:

Can Tiny Tiny Rhino have a fun day?
Or will all of his whining get in the way?

If you've ever been worried to try something new,
then Whiny Whiny Rhino is the book for you!

The story’s message is like the Mark Twain quote, “I’ve had a lot of worries in my life, most of which never happened.” We all get apprehensive when encountering new experiences and this often leads us to avoid ever trying anything new. Just having a little courage to try new things can often lead to a much more exciting and enriching life.


I absolutely adored reading this book. 

It is full of fun, bright pages, that are edge to edge full of color that help to tell the story of Tiny Tiny Rhino. Even the youngest readers just starting out will be able to get something from the book, just by looking at the glorious pages.

With just the right amount of words to tell the story without overwhelming readers. We follow Tiny Tiny Rhino as he learns what it means to overcome his fears.

This book covers a number of themes, including bullying, identifying your emotions and belonging.

Pinky's Rating (out of 5): 5 dragonflies

Author's Bio:

McBoop is the creative team of Carmin Iadonisi & Amanda Iadonisi-Word. This father-daughter duo co-wrote and illustrated Whiny Whiny Rhino. They currently live in New England where they enjoy making art, reading comics, playing board games, eating fancy chocolate and whining about the weather.

Connect with them here:

Where to buy the book: