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Thursday, August 21, 2014

The Wiggly Squiggly Princess

Publication Date: November 11, 2013

In the first book in The Wiggly Squiggly Princess series readers meet Princess Squeakers and her family, the Royal VonTootens.
Ages: 0 – 8
This book contains fart jokes and may cause your children to giggle uncontrollably.

Interview with Alissa Dix
1.  What inspired The Wiggly Squiggly Princess?
My daughter – we always called her ‘Princess’ and she was super wiggly when she was a baby.  We started calling her our wiggly squiggly princess and one day I was like “That’d be a great name for a book!” – the rest is history.
2.  What is your ideal writing space?
My ideal writing space would be a small home office with a desk and a desktop – kid free.
3.   Where do you actually write?
Usually on my lunch at work.  There’s no way I could get anything done in my house.  The kids always need something, the house needs cleaned, or Josie tries to crawl/walk on my laptop.
4.  What kind of music do you listen to while writing?
Emo – usually the Spill Canvas station on Slacker radio.
5.  Did you base any part of this story or the characters off of real life?
Yes!  The VonTootens are based off of my family.  Their names are actually nicknames that we had for each other!  (Even the dog and cat are based off of our pets) The family friends and the ‘bad guys’ aren’t based off of real people though.  I will probably use real grandparents and cousins as the series progresses as well!
6.  What made you decide to become an author?
I enjoy writing – I figured I might as well do something I enjoy.  What really made me decide to become an author was Amazon’s KDP – since it opened up the possibility for anyone to get their work read.
7.  What are you reading right now?
My Tethered Soul, by Dorothy Dreyer – I’m reviewing it for a book tour.
8.  What is your favorite part about this book?
Honestly?  That it is a little piece of my family… and it’s just fun.
9.  What was the most difficult thing about writing this book?
Editing!  Every time I’d think it was done, I would find something else I needed to fix.  I’m still working on getting the cover of the paperback version to show up how I want it.
10.  If you were a dessert, what would you be?
A hot fudge sundae with vanilla ice cream and rainbow sprinkles – but not whipped cream or cherries.
Princess Squeakers FUN FACTS!
1.  Besides cheese and apple pie, I really like pizza and chocolate… and broccoli!  Not together of course… that’d be gross.
2.  I can do a cartwheel to the left, but not the right. (I’m left handed – lefties are the besties!)
3.  I can figure skate forwards and backwards and do some easy jumps.  I can’t do a triple-moo-cow, but I can bunny hop!
4.  Until I was four years old, I believed my brother when he said my hair was orange from eating too many carrots.
5.  My brothers and I race to see who can brush our teeth the longest.  I don’t usually win, ‘cause the toothpaste is too spicy.
6.  My favorite dolly is named ‘Miss Dolly’.  I also have a duck stuffed animal that I sleep with every night named ‘Ducky’.
7.  I can sing the ABCs forwards AND backwards.
8.  I want a pet dragon.
9.  I really, really want a pet dragon.  Or a unicorn.  Or a unikitty.
10.  Even though I fight with them a lot, I really love my big brothers!  When they aren’t being stinky, they are super fun to play with.

About the Author
Alissa lives with her husband, step-son, son and daughter in a sleepy little town in Ohio. She has learned there are many, many, many different versions of Power Rangers and that five year olds know the difference between all of them.In addition to many freelance writing projects, she is the primary blogger on and

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